The first landscape

This work proposes a route from the transformation of reality as farce up to the creation of fictions about recognizable images. The transformation of reality through the visual language of the other actually built by a subjective imagination. A journey of a new and converted flâneur, which not only looks, but becomes an active element in defining their reality, making it a passable fiction. A job search around the collective unconscious and the articulation of these elements to develop a new vision of the world increasingly marked by the frenetic pace with new technologies around the image and its creation. As tools, the landscape and film. The landscape changed as a support function to create new realities around elements that are recognizable. In the wake of the cinematic tradition of decontextualized landscapes, to create the current dynamics to go further in the development of new fiction. The result: a vision of my rural town joining many elements familiar to us and make us doubt whether there really are, or if it really is something that one day we saw.

pdficon_small  TFM_UCM_El Primer_Paisaje_Carlos_Terroso_SpanishVersion