Student Project
Modeling, Texturing, Lighting & Compositing

First work for the Master of Basic 3D Modeling with Maya at Lightbox Academy. The objective of the practice was to model a USB and apply Arnold’s basic materials. If you want to see a short summary of the work process, click here.

My first 3D Model – USB 3D Model Breakdown

Job Model a USB in Maya with a real reference.
Job time 1 Week
Software Maya / Arnold / Nuke

The first week of the basic 3D modeling course with Maya at Lightbox Academy. The modeling work has been done entirely in Maya as part of the classroom practices. With this model, we begin the process of modeling and first contact with the software.

The first part of the project was to look for USB references. After discarding many options I decided to choose the Collector USB flash designed by Fang-Chun Tsai.

During the modeling process, I set two objectives, copy the forms and make the original design functional. After the modeling, the next step was to create realistic materials with Arnold’s standards materials (without UVs).