Guy Fawkes Mask

Personal Project
Modeling, Texturing, Lighting & Compositing

Modeling and texturing of Guy Fawkes Mask from the movie V de Vendetta. Personal project to continue practicing modeling and learn more in texturing with Mari. If you want to see a short abstract of the work process, click here.

Texturing with Mari II – Guy Fawkes Mask 3D Model Breakdown

Job Model and textured
Job time  2 weeks
Software Maya / Mari / Arnold / Nuke

[+] Link to Final Renders


This is my second model to practice with Mari. I chose the mask of Guy Fawkes that appears in the movie V for Vendetta. It is also my first facial. In class they have not yet explained the basic concepts of how to model a face, map it and its correct topology, but it was a great and fun challenge for me. Although the topology is not correct, the objective was to make another model to continue practicing modeling and texturing and complement class work. Like the topology, the mapping was not good, but it helped me to hide seams in the texturing. I divided into UDIMs to continue practicing with them in Mari.


To check the textures I still use the neutral lightrig. At first I had no plans to put this model in any final composition

Lighting & Compositing

The lighting and the composition of this asset I wanted it to be as simple and natural as possible. For lighting I only used two lights, one key light and another fill light. The final composition was almost finished in the render, I only added little things in Nuke as the blur.

I thank you for your time and patience. I hope I have helped in some way and if you liked it, please share!!