Futurama & Slurm

Student Project
Modeling, Texturing, Lighting & Compositing

Work for the 3D Basic Modeling Master with Maya at Lightbox Academy. Integrate a can into a stage and apply tileable textures. Final test.  If you want to see a short abstract of the work process, click here.

My first 3D Scene – Futurama & Slurm 3D Scene Breakdown

Job Model a soda can in Maya with an enviroment
Job time 1 Week
Software Maya / Photoshop / Arnold / Nuke

For my second work in class I had to do the modeling of a can of soda and texturize it. The initial idea was to continue learning Maya tools and a first contact with the management of UVs.

Before starting with a complex scenario, I did texturing and lighting tests in a simple scenario, trying to copy a real photograph. The UV mapping to place the textures was simple based on planar and cylindrical projections.

For the final stage I modeled the ship of the Futurama animation series. The main element of the final composition should be the can so I looked for a frame that gave prominence to the first object.

The ship and the floor I textured with tileable textures made in Photoshop. The rest was textured with basic arnold materials. All the lighting is made from light areas and boxes to direct the light.

The final step was to render in EXR with AOVs in Arnold 5. The final composition was in Nuke, where glows, decals were added and the color and luminance were corrected.

I thank you for your time and patience. I hope I have helped in some way and if you liked it, please share!!