Tracking & Matchmoving Test

Job Tracking & Matchmoving Test
Software Maya / Arnold / Nuke

One of the objectives of my first steps in the 3D world is to be able to integrate them into reality. I was studying in my free time how to integrate 3D objects into real images. This is the first test I have done of track and matchmove. First I tracked the image and generated a cloud of 3D points in Nuke, export it to Maya, work the scene in Maya and finally integrate everything in Nuke. A few weeks ago I finished texturing a Lego, so I tried to integrate it with my desktop.

Sculpting with Zbrush

Job Modeling an octopus with Zbrush
Job time 5 days
Software Zbrush

In the basic 3d modeling course we have ZBrush classes for a week. During this week we learn the basic controls of the software. Finally, we had to present an octopus sculpted entirely with Zbrush. The process was slow. We learned mainly how to use the interface, zspheres, different types of brushes and how to use alphas. The result is an octopus with many things to improve, but a first approach to the software.

Maya Boss Test

Job Maya Boss Test
Software Maya / Arnold / Nuke

One of the new options that Maya brings is the possibility of doing simulations of oceans in a fast way (Bifröst Ocean Simulation System). I was curious and I was trying to do it. I found different configurations more or less realistic result. To illuminate the scene I used two sources of light, a directional light and a skydomme light of arnold imitating a sunset light. I made the final composition in Nuke.

Maya Boss & Shader settings

Lighting & Composition